It's not pretty but damn it's good - Fresh, crisp, luscious. At Bondi Farmers' Market, my favourite produce is the farm grown, love fuelled vegetables from Hapi and Cathy. Oh and they're organic too.

So, this salad is:
Spring onion
Cucumber - a short, thick green variety that tastes amazing
Steamed and refreshed rainbow chard and kale
Marinated goats cheese
Shaved Italian pecorino
Soft boiled organic egg
Salt pepper
Organic olive oil
Lemon juice

Oh and essential for me - a serve of homemade, organic sauerkraut - red cabbage in this case.

I often build up a salad like this and either enjoy as is, or add one of these:
Prosciutto - San Daniele
Crisp pancetta
Fresh grilled sardines
Fried slices of boudin noir

Have it with some toasted sour dough or sprouted bread if you're extra hungry too.

So simply chopped and put together, this is a beautiful lunch with endless variations.

Sante! To health and happiness.

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