Breakfast. I love this meal.... From the most delicate of morsels, to offerings for only the hungry and the brave.
This one is definitely at the robust end of the scale.

A trip home to Nelson, NZ, always brings out the call of the wild food plate, catching, gathering, cooking on fires... Grrrr!
My brother set off in the dead of night to spear some flounder in the estuary, (with enthusiastic encouragement from those preferring to stay in the warm).
"Flounder for breakfast!" We called after him, "...and eggs!" We cried, getting ahead of ourselves further in the heat of anticipation. "And we'll have it with black beer and rye toast!" Someone added in pre-emptive triumph.

The next morning sure enough there were three glistening, fresh flounder sitting in the fridge.
The cook up began, glorious smells filled the kitchen and all hands were on deck to pull the feast together - fuelled with plenty of fresh ground coffee.

The Plate:

- Fresh caught flounder panfried in butter
- Home made grainy bread,
toasted golden, with butter
- A soft poached, organic, local egg
- Glass of Stoke Black beer

Ooo yeah! Wild food.

Suggested improvements - Cook outside in nature, on a fire. Ultimate!

Drinks Note:
The stout is thick, black, locally brewed, organic beer - Stoke, from McCashin's Brewery.
Feel free to have coffee or tea as well or instead but trust me, black beer 100% rocks this breakfast!

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