Tender, barbecued oyster blade steak - I love the flavour of this cut. It's a bit gristly but I love the chew too. The secret is to rest it for 10 minutes or so, covered. I often like to then slice it, like the Italian tagliata di manzo, it's beautiful to eat like this. You can serve with a lemon wedge, rocket leaves and shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Here I've served it with a mountain of fresh, organic, steamed greens, fresh herbs and spring onions - with soft cooked garlic and organic olive oil, salt & pepper. Fresh peas, because I love them, and, the best ever thing to have with every meal, especially meat... Homemade, organic sauerkraut.

Buon appetito!
There's something so special about cooking food from the wild.
We are lucky enough to be given wild venison, pork and goat sometimes. It's a real privilege to cook it and deserves the utmost respect, I believe.
Here I decided to slow roast a beautiful shoulder of goat, with autumn fruits - figs, rhubarb and quinces, straight from the tree and this season's garlic in whole bulbs.
Fragrant, sweet, tender, succulence!

Served with steamed greens from the garden and smashed potatoes laced with butter, salt and pepper.

Place: Nelson, New Zealand