RECIPE - Nicola's Vegie-Juice-Pulp Cake

Looking at the bright green, dry solids left after my vegie juice today got me thinking. Not liking to waste a thing, I put together a cake that used up the leftovers in a very delicious way as it turned out. It's not a super health cake, just a type of variation on a traditional carrot cake. The walnuts are just pressed onto the raw batter before baking so take on a nice toasted taste. Icing is optional.
The finished cake was a bit of an alarming shade of green but don't be put off by that.

Walnuts collected this winter

2 cups of vegetable juice pulp (instead of throwing it away)
Mine today was:
Silverbeet, beetroot tops, parsley, mint, 1 carrot, broccoli leaves
1 orange or a couple of tangelos, finely sliced, skin and all
150ml light oil or coconut oil
2  organic, free range eggs
2/3 cup fine dark brown sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
½ teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon ginger powder
1 cup wholemeal flour
1 cup of coarse coconut
1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
¾ teaspoon of aluminium-free baking soda
Pinch sea salt
Handful of coarsely chopped walnuts

Icing (Optional)

Juice of one lemon
Zest of one lemon
3 tablespoons of organic coconut oil or butter
¾ - 1 cup icing sugar
(Could also use some cream cheese)

Pre-heat oven to 170C.
Grease a  20cm spring form tin with coconut oil or butter, line with baking paper.
Beat oil, eggs and sugar until pale and thick.
Add vegetable pulp and orange, mix well.
Add dry ingredients and mix gently until combined. Add ¼ - ½ cup of water if the mix is to dry. Should be a wet-ish batter.
Put mixture into the prepared tin.
Scatter walnuts on top, press gently into the mixture.
Bake at 170C for ¾ - 1 hour, until it springs back to the touch.
Cool on a wire rack completely before icing. The icing may go liquid in the heat because of the coconut oil so keep in the fridge in that case.
Fresh from the oven - Green glory!
Simple market salad
Another trip to the buzzing Bondi Farmers Market on a Saturday morning in Sydney, Australia.
Smiling faces of my favourite growers, Hapi and Cathy who come in laden with the best variety of vegetables and herbs ever, including some interesting ones to try such as sorrel, nettles, purslane, chickory, dandelion and more. Hapi and Cathy are always happy to help with ideas for cooking and encourage us all to try something new.
Home I go with a basket heavy with organic goodness, most of it green, a dozen farm eggs nestle at the bottom too. This is the ideal time to put together a true market lunch using what is local, seasonal and fresh. The "template" that I use is based on building up from the greens and leaves, adding in perhaps some more raw or cooked vegetables, then adding some proteins of choice. The end result is always delicious and because it's using the produce of the day, always hits the spot for satisfying, good food.

Today's Market Lunch
Sorrel leaves - a lovely fresh, lemony, tangy taste
Chickory - bitter and beautiful!
Avocado - buttery and wonderful
Fried boudin noir (black pudding) - salty & tasty
A soft poached egg - organic and free range
Shaved pecorino or Parmesan cheese
Salt & pepper
Squeeze of lemon juice
Organic extra virgin olive oil
A few dobs of my friend Noni's homemade kumquat chutney with pine nuts and almonds.

I just put all the ingredients together in a bowl except for the egg, boudin noir and chutney - these I added on the top when I put it onto my plate.
Super easy, super delicious.

Serves 1 - Adjust for as many as you're cooking for.

We grew a love tomato.
Shaped like a heart; passionate red and sweet like romance.

....Ain't nature just grand?

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