Grilled fresh sardines - these have been de-headed and tailed and preference is for heads and tails on - they grill up crisply, full of flavour and make me think of summer in the Mediterranean.

My penchant for meals of greens and protein is well represented here.
Simple, fast and tastes great:

- Fresh sardines - grill until crispy
- Fresh, finely chopped mint, parsley and
- Sliced kohl rabi
- Sliced red onion
- Well cooked organic Brussels sprouts
- Shaved pecorino or Parmigiano
- Organic extra virgin olive oil
- Salt, pepper, lemon juice or balsamic

Chop the herbs, toss together into the serving bowls, scatter over Brussels, kohl rabi, red onionsi and cheese. Drizzle liberally with olive oil, squeeze over a little lemon, or a splash of balsamic, add salt and freshly ground pepper. Top with sizzling sardines - beautiful! Healthy too.

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