We grew a love tomato.
Shaped like a heart; passionate red and sweet like romance.

....Ain't nature just grand?

Send this to your lover.
Or to your tomato lover.
Tender, barbecued oyster blade steak - I love the flavour of this cut. It's a bit gristly but I love the chew too. The secret is to rest it for 10 minutes or so, covered. I often like to then slice it, like the Italian tagliata di manzo, it's beautiful to eat like this. You can serve with a lemon wedge, rocket leaves and shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Here I've served it with a mountain of fresh, organic, steamed greens, fresh herbs and spring onions - with soft cooked garlic and organic olive oil, salt & pepper. Fresh peas, because I love them, and, the best ever thing to have with every meal, especially meat... Homemade, organic sauerkraut.

Buon appetito!
There's something so special about cooking food from the wild.
We are lucky enough to be given wild venison, pork and goat sometimes. It's a real privilege to cook it and deserves the utmost respect, I believe.
Here I decided to slow roast a beautiful shoulder of goat, with autumn fruits - figs, rhubarb and quinces, straight from the tree and this season's garlic in whole bulbs.
Fragrant, sweet, tender, succulence!

Served with steamed greens from the garden and smashed potatoes laced with butter, salt and pepper.

Place: Nelson, New Zealand
The simple pleasure of a picnic...
Definitely on my top 10 foodie favourites.
I love the fact that picnics are unlimited in their potential, their diversity - from simple to opulent; from a lone beauty of one with food, to a sexy rug for two, a bunch of friends and family, or a big community gathering - all are delightful in their ways - unified by the outdoors and eating and drinking.

Seasons offer the opportunity to enjoy mummy nature's time by fitting in with her temperature and mood.

Here we enjoyed a simple early autumn picnic for morning tea break on a firewood chopping day.
Fruit from the trees, organic muffins to munch on and a flask of the best black tea, with milk from its little bottle. Reviving, relaxing, convivial, the warmth of the sun cutting through the crisp air of the changing season.

Place: Nelson, New Zealand
Warm from the summer sun, fragrant like memories, sexy, delicate, luscious, richly red, shaped like hearts.
Raspberries - I love you to infinity

Place: My parents' garden, Nelson, New Zealand
A simple selection of my favourite foods that sing in compatible bliss.
The luscious and the bitter!...(bitterness is a desirable asset in some foods - not so in people, funny that).

San Daniele Prosciutto - Italia
Buffalo mozzarella - Italia
Ripe, red organic tomatoes
Organic radicchio
Basil leaves - my garden
Organic extra virgin olive oil
Himalayan salt, ground black pepper
Squeeze of lemon on the leaves